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It is your generosity that allows us to do what we do. Every bit helps, so thank you so much for your contribution. In order for you to make your online donation, simply fill out the form below.

Please make sure you select the person that you want to donate money towards their trip. You can also give to the Missions overall, if you would like. 

As you will see below, there are different options for giving.  If you choose to use a card, please note these two things:

1.  We do not want you going into debt on your credit card in order to give to the church.  If you do not pay off your credit card monthly, please choose a different option.

2.  There are fees of about 3% charged to the church for processing your card. If you would like to offset these fees, please include that in your total donation (Your Donation x 1.03).  For example, a $250 donation would accrue a $7.50 fee.  Donating $257.50 would offset the charges.

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Heritage Park Baptist Church is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation will be tax-deductible.

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